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Elyce Monet

Elyce Monet
President & CEO

An entrepreneur in three industries: Education, Media & Empowerment. Founder of Connect The Dots Consulting, Inc. and Parangello Players, Inc., a Non-Profit formed in 1986, as a school and theater company serving thousands of all ages. She has pioneered new programs in health and empowerment since 1993. Media Specialist in radio and television, working with national talk show hosts and celebrities in Los Angeles. Elyce participated in United Nations NGO meetings as a speaker and team leader in 2010. Her passion is bringing new paradigms into existence to change the world for the better.

Dorothy Dudek

Bill Martinez
President & CEO of MBC, Inc.

Bill Martinez, President & CEO Of MBC, Inc. and Host of National Talk Radio Show Bill Martinez Live! Is our joint venture partner for education sponsorship and media.  Bill brings us national radio exposure to help our kids, and more than 30 years experience in media, fundraising and promotions.

Robert Iskander

Robert Iskander
Technology Provider & Board Advisor

The Founder & CEO of Global Grid For Learning (Formerly Edutone Corp) since September 2000. He is a global entrepreneur with 25 years experience in Information Technology and Education with additional specialties in Medical Industries, Knowledge Management; Enterprise Automation; Business Development & Partnerships; and Mergers & Acquisitions. Prior positions included General Manager of Sun Microsystems Middle East (from 1992-1996) and Director at Sun Microsystems, Inc. (from 1996-2000.) Robert designed and developed our technology platform at CTD4EDU and his company manages the daily technology needs.

Patrick Nickisch

Ben Sender
Strategic Training Partner & Board Advisor

Ben is the CEO and Founder of TechKNOW Associates, with expertise in  curriculum, technology, and pedagogy.  He has introduced customized training into schools across the United States, and will be doing the same for CTD4EDU.  His experience with disenfranchised teens in East Harlem, NY at an alternative middle school led him to develop a model of teaching that focused heavily on student engagement, collaboration with peers, and inquiry-based learning.  He has presented at national, state and regional conferences and workshops, including ISTE, ASCD, CUE, FETC, TCEA and NECC.

Patrick Nickisch

Patrick Nickisch
Director of International Business Development

A UN Consultant in Geneva, Switzerland and NYC. He is currently a consultant on organizational development and management of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), affiliated  with the United Nations (official Economic and Social status affiliate) and the corporate world.  A diplomat of the UN Commission on sustainable development Education Caucus UNCSD. Actively involved in international communications, leadership and management, pastoral care, education, peace building, conflict management systems, conflict resolution, meditation, dialogue tools, organizational development, international law, foreign relations and world travel.  Patrick looks forward to creating global changes in education.

David Drake

Nelson Togerson
Board Member & Administrative Advisor

Nelson 's educational career has spanned 41 years, from teaching at the elementary and high school levels, serving as a middle school assistant principal, an elementary principal, a director of curriculum and instruction, and an assistant superintendent. He has taught classes at the university level in supervision/evaluation of instruction and effective teaching methodologies. He has taught principles of United States education to groups of educators from China, South Korea, and Brazil. He has conducted numerous Program Quality Reviews and Distinguished School Reviews. He is certified as a School Assistance Intervention Team (SAIT) provider by the California Department of Education. He authored Education Malpractice, A Year in a Dropout Factory.

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